• How can I restore game credit that was lost during the game?

    If the game freezes or crashes, it should automatically resume once you restart the game or restore your game credit.

    If, for any reason, this doesn't occur, please create a Support Ticket here and provide the following information. This will help them to assist you in the most effective manner:

    • Spin number;
    • Operator id;
    • Game name and time;
    • Screenshot of the incident (optional).

  • How to restore the password?

    To reset your password, please follow these steps:

    1. Visit the main website page and locate the "Forgot password?" button at the top, near the Password entry fields. Refer to this screenshot:
    2. Upon clicking the button, a window will open as shown in the following screenshot:
    3. Enter your valid account phone number and check the box that says "I agree to receive a Verification Code by text message". Then, click on "Get code". It's recommended to copy and paste your phone number to prevent typos.
    4. Once you receive a text message containing the verification code, enter it into the appropriate field and click "Verify".

  • What should I do if the game stopped working?

    Frequently, issues with games arise from an unstable internet connection. Please ensure that your internet connection is strong. Moreover, try to reload the page and restart your browser. 

    If these steps prove ineffective, kindly create a support ticket within your account. Provide the following information so that we can look into your particular case and offer a solution:

    • Game name;
    • Date of the incident;
    • Screenshot of the incident (optional).

  • I haven't received my prizes yet. What should I do?

    We consistently monitor operators' liability. If you don't receive a response from an operator regarding your prizes within 24 hours, please reach out to our Support Team here, and we will address your specific situation.

    Please be aware that we are the software provider for the platform that connects operators and players. We are not accountable for deposit or redemption processes carried out by operators. It's advisable to directly contact your operator for such matters. 

  • My operator doesn’t answer. How can I play?

    If a new operator fails to respond, we suggest considering an alternative local option from here: Operators (play777games.com).

    If your search request doesn't give any results, you can locate it in the "Recommended" list.

    In case the operator doesn’t answer after deposit or redeem request, please, reach out to our Support Team by using this link and they will gladly assist you.

  • I don't have access to my old phone number anymore. What should I do?

    In such cases, we can assist you in changing your account phone number. Kindly inform us of both your old and new phone numbers by reaching out to us through the "Send online form" available at this link: https://play777games.com/contact . We will be more than happy to provide you with the necessary support.

  • How can I become an operator?

    If you want to become an operator, we encourage you to apply on our website under the "Become an Operator" section: Operators (play777games.com).

    Following your application, we will review it and provide you with additional instructions in due course.


  • What is play777games?

    We are a platform that serves as a connection hub, bringing together players and operators. We provide a convenient space for players to access a diverse range of slot games, and for operators to offer their services.

    While we encourage operators to adhere to industry standards of fairness and quality, it's important for players to keep in mind that we function as a platform connecting you with operators. Therefore, we do not hold responsibility for deposit or redemption processes conducted by an operator.

  • How do I register?

    To create an account, follow these steps:

    1. Go to the website https://play777games.com/
    2. Click on "Join now" at the top of the page:
    3. A registration window will appear. Enter your Username, valid Phone number, confirm if you are 21 years or older, and agree to receive the Verification code.
    4. After clicking "Get code", you will receive the code on your phone. Enter it into the relevant field.

    Congratulations! You can now access your account and start playing.

  • What should I do if I'm having trouble receiving text message confirmation while restoring the password?

    If you're attempting to reset your password and are not receiving a text message confirmation, please follow these steps:

    • Double-check your inbox thoroughly.
    • Ensure that you have accurately entered your phone number. We recommend copying and pasting it to prevent typos.
    • Verify that the phone number you provided is valid.
    • Retry the text message confirmation request.

    If the issue persists, you can request a voice call by clicking the "Request a Voice Call" button located below the Verification Code field.

  • I forgot my username. What should I do?

    If you don’t remember your Username you registered under, we advise you to log in using the phone number with which you initially created the account. If this doesn’t help, kindly contact our Support Team by using this link.

  • How do I purchase Game Credit to start playing?

    Game credit purchases are exclusively available directly from the connected operator. The methods for purchasing game credits are specified by each operator and can be located during the operator search process. Additionally, you can find these methods on the 'My Operators' page by clicking the 'Details > Operator's Contact Info' button.

    !WARNING! Do NOT transfer credits to an operator who has NOT yet approved your Player Request. Only transfer game credits once your player request has been approved by the operator and after you have confirmed that the operator has been added to your 'MY OPERATORS' list.

  • Do I have to purchase game credits to play?

    You can engage in gameplay without acquiring game credits through the "Play for Free" mode. This mode is accessible to all registered players, offering 100 minutes of free play strictly for amusement purposes. You can participate without making any deposits or involving operators. Nonetheless, kindly take note that the "Play for Free" mode doesn’t allow to claim the prizes.

  • Who is an Operator?

    An Operator is an individual responsible for deposits and prizes delivery process, personal offers, player support, and ensuring players' adherence to game rules. Each Operator undergoes a registration and verification process on our website, and we consistently monitor the accountability of our Operators in order to deliver the best gaming experience.

    However, please be aware that we are the software provider of the platform that facilitates connections between operators and players. We do not bear responsibility for deposit or redemption processes conducted by an operator.

  • How do I add an operator?

    You can locate an operator near you by visiting this link: Operators (play777games.com).

    You have the option to search using an Operator's ID if you're already familiar with the one. Alternatively, you can search for a local operator based on your chosen location, which can be selected in the search form.

    If your search doesn't give any results or if you have concerns about the operators' credibility, we will provide recommendations for 3 reliable operators with the highest ratings on our platform.

    Should you wish to add a new operator, navigate to the "My Operators" page within your account and click on the green "Add Operator" button. This action will redirect you to the "Find Operator" window.

  • How many operators can I have?

    You can have up to 4 operators at a time. Also, you have the option to remove one of the connected operators and replace it with another.

    You can choose to delete an operator if they are inactive or if you no longer wish to cooperate with them. To remove an operator, locate the blue "My Operators" button in your account at the top right corner of the screen. Click on it, and then select "Delete" next to the operator you wish to remove.

    Please be aware that removing an operator from your list will prevent you from re-adding them for a period of 10 days.

    !WARNING! Any remaining credits associated with the deleted operator will be lost.

  • What is the operator rate score?

    The operator rating score is calculated on a scale of 0 to 10, derived from player feedback and evaluated using the following criteria:

    • Quality of Service;
    • Easiness of contact;
    • Operating hours;
    • Deposit methods;
    • Processing time.

    This score serves as a guide for selecting an operator that aligns with your preferences.

  • How can I rate my operator?

    Your feedback is of great importance to us. You have the opportunity to rate your operator on the My Operators page by hovering your mouse over the stars and selecting "Rate Operator". This action will trigger a window with 10 questions, prompting you to rate various criteria on a scale from 0 to 10.

    We strongly encourage you not to overlook these questions, as they play a crucial role in helping our users make informed decisions and contribute to our understanding of the service quality offered by operators on our platform.

  • What should I do if my operator is no longer active?

    If you notice that your Operator's status has changed to "Inactive", we advise against transferring funds to this Operator. 

    If you have remaining credits with them, kindly reach out to the Operator to request a refund. In case you do not receive a response, please contact our Support Team for further assistance.

  • How do I claim my Bonus offers?

    You can explore all the available bonus offers by visiting: Bonuses (play777games.com). Click on "Read more" to access the bonus details. To claim a bonus, click on "Activate".

    Please, be aware that you must have a connected Operator to be eligible for claiming a bonus.

    We also recommend that you review the Terms & Conditions for bonuses here: Bonus Terms & Conditions (play777games.com).

  • How can I redeem my winnings for prizes?

    You can initiate a redeem request on the "Main Wallet > Redeem" page, accessible at this link: https://play777games.com/wallet/redeem. This option is available if you have accumulated winnings under the chosen operator and have transferred your points from the "Game Credit" to your "Main Wallet".

    Upon confirming the request, the credits will be deducted from your "Main Wallet".

    The code you receive needs to be provided to the operator under which the request was generated, as an exchange for the selected prizes. Please note, this should only be done after you have actually received the prizes.

    !WARNING! Avoid sending the Validation code to an operator before you have received the prizes. The code should only be transmitted after you have successfully obtained the prizes.

  • I lost my Validation Code for the Redeem, what should I do?

    Once you've submitted a Redeem request, a window containing your Validation code will appear. This window will also display information including the value of Rewards Prizes, your Username, Operator ID, Date, and Redeem ID.

    You can access your Validation Code by hovering your mouse over the "Main Wallet" tab and selecting "Transactions" page. On this page, you'll find a blue "Show Code" button alongside your Redeem request.

  • What is the maximum winnings value?

    The maximum winning combination is $2,500 in winnings credits. The maximum total daily winning combination is $5,000 in winnings credits per player. The maximum daily redeem transaction is $2,500 in prizes value.