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Online Gaming Rules (hereinafter – the Rules).

1. Terms

1.1. Application.

These Rules determine the terms on which Game Room Customers may use, have access to and participate in the services provided by the Game Room.

1.2. “Game Room” – gambling activities and services provided on the sites / site uniting the activities of a network of companies related to acceptance of bets from Customers, provision of gambling activities, repayment of potential winnings.

1.3. “Game Room Customer” – a user of the Software / Program provided by the Game Room.

1.4. “Bet / Bets” – any amounts of money gambled by the Game Room Customer at the Game Room.

1.5. “Device” – means any application access devices allowing and helping Customers to receive and use Game Room services, including personal computers, notebooks, mobile phones, pocket PCs, and smartphones used to access Game Room services.

1.6. “Software / Program” – a technical product /products, the license and permits to use which is held by the Game Room, including program files, data files or other related content which must be loaded, opened or otherwise used when receiving Game Room services.

2. Acceptance of the Rules

2.1. Prior to receiving Game Room services and obtaining access, the Customer shall confirm familiarization with the Rules and his/her consent to being fully subject to and governed by the Rules by leaving a relevant mark on the Game Room sites.

2.2. Partial consent to the Rules is not allowed. The Customer’s Rules acceptance mark shall automatically evidence that the Customer has accepted absolutely all provisions hereof.

2.3. Ignorance of / non-familiarization with these Rules shall not release the Customer from liability for non-compliance therewith or violation thereof. The Customer’s Rules acceptance mark shall automatically evidence that the Customer has accepted absolutely all provisions hereof.

3. Access to Game Room Services

3.1. The software shall be provided by the Game Room without any guarantees, conditions, obligations, representations, expressed or implied, with respect to the services, provided or received.

3.2. The Game Room and any persons or structures related thereto cannot and do not guarantee that:

3.2.1. the Game Room’s software will operate error-free or uninterrupted;

3.2.2. use of the software online will be free of viruses and virus programs. the result displayed by the software differs from that received on the server, the latter shall prevail with the Game Room’s archival records being the main authority in determining the terms and circumstances of the Customer’s participation in the gambling process;

4.1. s/he accepts the fact that bets are made by his/her own choice and decision, at his/her own discretion and risk.

4.2. Malfunction Voids All Play.

4.3. Maximum winnings combination is $2500 winnings credits.

4.4. Maximum total daily winnings combination is $5,000 winnings credit per player.

4.5. Maximum daily redeem transaction is $2500 prizes value.

4.6. Play777games has the rights to adjust customers game wallet or main wallet balance at anytime without prior notice.

4.7. By adding operator you play on your own risk. Purchase play credit or to redeem your prizes is sole responsibility of your operator.

4.8. Play777games do not responsible for lost credit, play credit purchase or Prizes Redeem.